Automotive Electronics

  • Dynamic domain

    Dynamic domain

      • Electronic fuel injection
      • Oil pump
      • Electronic water pump
      • Vehicle exhaust emissions
      • Battery management system
      • Emergency starting power supply
      • Motor controller
      • Cooling fan control
      • Transmission controller
      • PTC heating pump
      • (OBC)Onboard charger (OBC)
      • DC-DC Converter
  • Chassis,safety


      • Air bag
      • Tire pressure monitoring
      • Suspension controller
      • Brake controller
      • Electric Power Steering
      • Electronic power assisted brake
      • Anti-lock braking system
  • Body control

    Body control

      • Car light
      • Sunroof
      • Car window
      • Windshield wiper
      • Smart door
      • Electronic horn
      • Body control module
      • Air conditioning controller
      • Power mirrors
      • Keyless start
      • Automatic fire extinguishing device
  • Autonomous driving domain

    Autonomous driving domain

      • GPS
      • Car camera
      • Inertial navigation
      • Millimeter wave radar
      • Automatic parking control system
  • Intelligent cockpit domain

    Intelligent cockpit domain

      • ETC
      • Central control screen
      • Dashboard
      • Seat control
      • Onboard USB
      • T-BOX
      • Car wireless charging
      • Tachograph
      • Head-up display
      • Onboard entertainment information system
  • Charging station

    Charging station

      • Car monitor
      • Rectifier
      • Power converter

A capacitor is a component that stores electrical energy. Capacitors have many advantages, making them an important component in the field of automotive electronics. This article will introduce capacitors in the field of automotive electronics from the advantages of capacitors in environmental protection, energy management, acceleration performance and braking efficiency. applications and advantages.


1. Fast response time: Capacitors have the ability to discharge instantaneously, and the response speed is very fast, so they are widely used in the field of automotive electronics. For example, it can be used as auxiliary energy on engine starters, since instantaneous power is required to start an engine.
2. High voltage stability: Capacitors can provide very stable voltage output, which can meet the high requirements of automotive electronic equipment, such as car audio, DVD players and other equipment.
3. High energy density: Capacitors have high energy density in terms of volume and weight, so they are widely used in automotive electronics.
4. Long lifespan: Compared with other electronic components, capacitors have a very long lifespan and can be used stably throughout the entire lifespan of automotive electronics.

Application notes:

1. Energy storage: Capacitors can be used in starters and brakes of cars. In starters, capacitors provide momentary high-strength power to quickly start the engine. In brakes, capacitors store the energy generated when the vehicle brakes for later use.
2. Discharge and charge management: Capacitors can be used as part of battery discharge and charge management. This will make car batteries more durable and reliable, while also increasing vehicle stability and safety.
3. Energy recovery system: Capacitors can help the vehicle power system to recover the energy generated during braking, thereby improving energy saving and environmental protection.
4. Power inverter: Capacitors can be used in power inverters to convert the car's DC power into AC power for use in on-board electronic equipment.

In short, capacitors have broad application prospects in the field of automotive electronics. Although capacitors are not a panacea solution, their advantages in many ways make them the components of choice in automotive electronics. It can provide excellent performance, stability and lifespan, bringing many possibilities and new ideas to the design and production of automotive electronic equipment and systems.