Multilayer ceramic chip capacitor (MLCC)

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The special internal electrode design of mlcc can provide the highest voltage rating with high reliability, suitable for wave soldering, reflow soldering surface mount, and RoHS compliant. Ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

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Main technical parameters

Item Characteristic
Nominal voltage range 630V.dc--3000V.dc
temperature characteristic X7R -55--+125℃(±15%)
NP0 -55--+125℃(0±30ppm/℃)
Loss angle tangent value NP0: Q≥1000;  X7R: D.F.≤2.5%;
Insulation resistance value 10GΩ or 500/CΩ Take the minimum
age NP0: 0%     X7R: 2.5% per decade
Compressive strength 100V≤V≤500V: 200%Rated voltage
500V≤V≤1000V: 150%Rated voltage
500V≤V≤: 120%Rated voltage

A ceramic capacitor is a type of capacitor, made of dielectric ceramic. With high-efficiency capacitance and reliable performance, it is one of the important components widely used in various electronic products. The following are the main applications of ceramic capacitors:

1. Power supply circuit: Ceramic capacitors are often used in filtering and coupling circuits of DC power supply and AC power supply. These capacitors are necessary for the stability of DC circuits, and filter capacitors play an important role in power supplies and electronic equipment to prevent interference from low frequency interfering signals.

2. Signal processing circuit: Ceramic capacitors can also be used in various signal processing circuits. For example, ceramic capacitors can be used to build LC resonant circuits to implement voltage controlled oscillators, filters, etc.

3. RF circuit: Ceramic capacitors are an essential component in RF circuits. These capacitors are used in analog and digital radio frequency circuits for processing RF signals. In addition, they can also be used as coaxial capacitors for RF antennas to support the transmitter and receiver.

4. Converter: Ceramic capacitors are also an important part of the converter. They are widely used in DC-DC converter and AC-AC converter circuits to provide solutions for different circuits by controlling energy transfer.

5. Sensor technology: Ceramic capacitors can be used in sensor technology with high sensitivity. Sensors detect changes in physical quantities through changes in capacitance. This can be used to measure various media such as oxygen, humidity, temperature and pressure.

6. Computer technology: Ceramic capacitors can also be used in computer technology. These capacitors are used to isolate individual components to protect computer hardware from electromagnetic interference, voltage fluctuations, and other noise.

7. Other applications: There are some other applications of ceramic capacitors. For example, they can be used in electronic equipment such as audio amplifiers and electronic pulse circuits, as well as in power electronic equipment to protect the required withstand voltage.

In short, ceramic capacitors play an important role in various electronic devices, whether it is a DC power supply or a high-frequency circuit, ceramic capacitors provide great support and protection for them. With the continuous development of electronic equipment, the application field of ceramic capacitors will be further expanded in the future.

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