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Shanghai Yongming Electronic Co. Ltd is a leading manufacturer in providing and selling diversified Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, which includes Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (Radial Leaded Type, SMD Type, Snap-In Type, and Screw Terminal Type), Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors, Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors, MLPCs, MLCC and super capacitors.

The following is an introduction to Yongming's seven product line divisions,
let's have a deeper understanding together.


Liquid Small dimension products Division

The Liquid Small Business Unit has been engaged in R&D and manufacturing since 2001. With an experienced R&D and manufacturing team, it has continuously and steadily produced a variety of high-quality miniaturized capacitors to meet customers' innovative needs for capacitors. The liquid small business unit has two packages: liquid chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors and liquid lead aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Its products have the advantages of miniaturization, high stability, high capacity, high voltage, high temperature resistance, low impedance, high ripple, and long life. Widely used in new energy automotive electronics, high-power power supplies, intelligent lighting, gallium nitride fast charging, home appliances, photovoltaics and other industries

Liquid Small


Liquid Large Dimension products Division

The liquid large-scale business department was established in 2009, and is deeply involved in the research and development and manufacture of horn-type and bolt-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Liquid large-scale aluminum electrolytic capacitors have the advantages of ultra-high voltage (16V~630V), ultra-low temperature, high stability, low leakage current, large ripple current resistance, and long life. The products are widely used in photovoltaic inverters, charging piles, vehicle-mounted OBC, outdoor Energy storage power supply, and industrial frequency conversion and other application fields. We give full play to the advantages of "new product development, high-precision manufacturing, and a professional team integrating application-side promotion", aiming at the goal of "letting the charge have no difficult storage container", and are committed to satisfying

Liquid Large

 the market with technological innovation and combining different applications of customers To meet the needs of customers, carry out technical docking and manufacturing connection, provide customers with technical services and special product customization, and meet customer needs.


Solid-Liquid Hybrid products Division

The solid-liquid mixing business department was established in 2017. Relying on the technology and talents of Japanese brands, it focuses on new product development, high-precision manufacturing and application promotion. Through domestic advanced manufacturing equipment investment and continuous technical upgrades and breakthroughs, A product technology system with core competitiveness has been formed. Two product lines of solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors and solid-liquid mixed aluminum electrolytic capacitors have been established, and the products comply with many certifications such as AEC-Q200 and IATF16949. Among them, solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors have the advantages of miniaturization, large capacity, ultra-low ESR, low leakage, and high current impact resistance. The products are mainly used in gallium nitride PD fast charging, industrial control, artificial intelligence, IDC server, military industry and other industries; 

Solid liquid hybrid

Solid-liquid mixed aluminum electrolytic capacitors have the advantages of high reliability, wide temperature stability, broadband stability, ultra-low ESR, shock resistance, and high current shock resistance. The products are mainly used in the new energy automotive electronics industry. With reliable product quality and excellent product features, the two product lines have won the trust and high evaluation of many well-known domestic and foreign brand manufacturers.


Super Capacitor Division

The Super Capacitor Business Unit was established in 2017. It has gathered a professional team integrating new product development, high-precision manufacturing, and application end promotion. It has made every effort to introduce foreign high-quality materials and technology, forming a highly matching product technology system. Now we have a full range of supercapacitors at home and abroad, such as cylindrical lead type, horn type, button type, module type, SMD chip type, 3.8V lithium ion capacitor, etc. The products meet the national grid certification, AEC-Q200, IATF16949, etc. A number of certifications, widely used in smart three-meter (electricity meter, water meter, gas meter), automotive electronics (ETC, driving recorder), new energy (wind pitch, photovoltaic), military industry (tank emergency start power supply) and other industries. With the rapid development of 5G 

super capacitor

technology and the smart Internet of Things market, the products of the supercapacitor business unit will continue to inject development momentum into smart life and bring users a better experience.


Solid Lamination Division

The solid-state lamination business unit has invested in research and development since 2018, and started mass production in March 2020, with a current monthly production capacity of 6 million pieces. The laminated polymer solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor has the advantages of high voltage, large capacity, thin profile, ultra-low impedance, and large ripple current resistance. Its ultra-low ESR and powerful filtering capability are the frontier achievements in the field of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Communication, military industry, Internet of Things, IDC server, artificial intelligence and other terminals.

Solid Laminate


Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) Division

Since its establishment in 2019, the MLCC Division has always been committed to the R&D, manufacturing and application promotion of high-voltage MLCCs, comprehensively benchmarking Taiwan and Japanese high-end products and technologies. Now it has X7R, NPO and other product series, the voltage ranges from 1KV to 3KV, all of which are large-scale high-voltage products above 1206, and are widely used in adapters, switching power supplies, high-voltage power supplies, lighting devices and other products.



Polymer Tantalum Capacitor Division

The Polymer Tantalum Capacitor Division was established in 2022. Compared with the peers, Yongming polymer tantalum capacitors have higher capacity, lower ESR and higher withstand voltage. Products are widely used in digital servers, PCs, ultra-thin chargers, automotive electronics, communications industries, base stations, switches, industrial power modules, military power supplies and other fields. Yongming polymer tantalum capacitors replace imported tantalum capacitors, which have broad prospects and are worth cultivating.

Polymer Tantalum Capacitor

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