YMIN polymer solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors ensure reliable performance for IDC servers!

IDC Servers Have Become the Biggest Driving Force for the Development of the Big Data Industry

Currently, cloud computing has become the biggest driving force for the global IDC industry. Data shows that the global IDC server market is generally in a stable growth trend.

What is Immersion Liquid Cooling for IDC Servers?

In the context of “dual carbon” (carbon peaking and carbon neutrality), the heat dissipation issue caused by high heat generation in servers has become a bottleneck in their operation. Many IT companies have increased their efforts in the research and development of liquid cooling for data centers. The current mainstream liquid cooling technologies include cold plate liquid cooling, spray liquid cooling, and immersion liquid cooling. Among them, immersion liquid cooling is favored by the market for its high energy efficiency, high density, and high reliability.

Immersion liquid cooling requires the server body and power supply to be completely immersed in the cooling liquid for direct cooling. The cooling liquid does not undergo a phase change during the heat dissipation process, forming a closed thermal conduction loop through the cooling circulation system.

Capacitor Selection Recommendation for Server Power Supply


Immersion liquid cooling imposes very high requirements on components because the server power supply is immersed in liquid for extended periods. This environment can easily cause capacitor seals to swell and protrude, leading to capacitance changes, parameter degradation, and reduced lifespan. YMIN’s NPT series and NPL series capacitors are specifically designed to address these challenges, ensuring reliable performance and longevity even under the demanding conditions of immersion cooling.

YMIN Capacitors Safeguard IDC Servers

YMIN Electronics’ polymer solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors feature ultra-low ESR, strong ripple current resistance, long lifespan, high capacity, high density, and miniaturization. They use special material seals to solve the problems of swelling, protrusion, and capacitance change in immersion servers, providing strong assurance for the operation of IDC servers.

Post time: Jun-20-2024