Make smart car doors operate more stably—Shanghai Yongming liquid chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors

With the increasing level of automobile electronics and changes in consumer consumption concepts, consumers will have higher and higher requirements for automobile configurations, and the demand for comfort configurations such as smart doors will also increase. This also It has promoted the development of automobile-equipped smart door products from mid-to-high-end to universal.


Smart door controller

Smart car electric door switch controller is characterized by including MCU, power circuit, electric strut control circuit, lock block control circuit, wireless signal circuit, OBD interface and USB network cable interface circuit and MCU peripheral circuit, electric strut control circuit It includes a relay with two inputs and one output. The two inputs are respectively connected to the power circuit. The function of the capacitor is to stabilize the operation of the relay. Capacitors can help relays store electrical energy so that the relay can remain stable during operation.


Advantages and selection of liquid chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors

VMM 25V 330uF 8*10 V3M 35V 560uF 10*10


Shanghai Yongming liquid chip type aluminum electrolytic capacitor

Shanghai Yongming liquid chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors have the advantages of small size, long life, flatness, AEC-Q200 compliance, high capacity, etc., which provide a strong guarantee for the operation and development of automotive electronic smart doors, making the operation more stable!

Post time: Dec-01-2023