YMIN Q Series MLCC: Emerging from the Cocoon, Ushering in a New Era of High-Power Wireless Charging, Ideal for Precision Circuit Design

With the development of new energy vehicles, industrial equipment, and other high-power electronic products, efficient and stable high-power wireless charging technology has become a research hotspot. YMIN Technology has seized this trend by launching the Q series high-voltage high-Q ceramic multilayer capacitors (MLCC). These products, with their outstanding performance metrics and compact design, have demonstrated excellent application effects in high-power wireless charging systems.


High Voltage Capability and Versatile Packaging

The YMIN MLCC-Q series is specially designed for high-power wireless charging power modules, boasting high-voltage endurance from 1kV to 3kV and covering different package sizes from 1206 to 2220 (NPO material). These capacitors aim to replace traditional thin film capacitors of the same specifications, significantly enhancing the integration and stability of wireless charging systems. Their core advantages include ultra-low ESR, excellent temperature characteristics, miniaturization, and lightweight design.

Excellent ESR Characteristics

In the current mainstream high-power wireless charging LLC converters, advanced Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) technology is adopted instead of traditional Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). In this architecture, the role of resonant capacitors is crucial; they not only need to maintain stable capacitance over a wide operating temperature range but also need to withstand high operating voltages while maintaining low ESR under high-frequency, high-current conditions. This ensures the efficiency and reliability of the entire system.

Superior Temperature Characteristics

The YMIN Q series MLCC is tailor-made for these stringent requirements, featuring superior temperature characteristics. Even in extreme temperature variations from -55°C to +125°C, the temperature coefficient can be controlled to an astonishing 0ppm/°C, with a tolerance of only ±30ppm/°C, showcasing extraordinary stability. Additionally, the product’s rated withstand voltage reaches more than 1.5 times the specified value, and the Q value exceeds 1000, making it perform excellently in high-power wireless charging scenarios.

Miniaturization and Lightweight Design


Practical application cases show that when applied to the magnetic resonance wireless charging system of electric vehicle (EV) batteries, the YMIN Q series MLCC successfully replaced the original thin film capacitors. For instance, multiple YMIN Q series MLCCs were used in series and parallel to replace a 20nF, AC2kVrms thin film capacitor. The result was a nearly 50% reduction in planar mounting space and the installation height reduced to only one-fifth of the original solution. This greatly improved the system’s space utilization and thermal management efficiency, achieving a higher density and more reliable wireless charging solution.

Suitable for High-Precision Applications

In addition to wireless charging applications, the YMIN Q series MLCC is also suitable for scenarios requiring high precision, such as time constant circuits, filter circuits, and oscillator circuits. It ensures high-precision performance while meeting the requirements of miniaturization and surface mount technology (SMT), further promoting the development of modern power technology towards lightweight and miniaturization.

In summary, the YMIN Q series MLCC, with its unique product characteristics, not only demonstrates unparalleled advantages in high-power wireless charging systems but also expands the application boundaries of high-performance capacitors in various complex circuit designs. It has become a vital force in advancing high-power wireless charging technology.

Post time: Jun-11-2024