YMIN Capacitors – Ensuring Stable Operation of Electric Air Conditioning Compressors!

The automotive air conditioning compressor is the core component of the automotive air conditioning system. In recent years, the rapid development of the automotive industry in China has also driven the growth of the automotive air conditioning compressor industry.

Working Principle of Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor Controller and Power Board

The electric automotive air conditioning compressor is a component used in electric vehicles to provide cooling and heating functions, replacing the internal combustion engine found in traditional fuel vehicles. Compared to traditional air conditioning compressors, electric air conditioning compressors have higher energy efficiency ratios, lower noise levels, and are easier to maintain and install.

The operating principle of the electric air conditioning compressor involves driving the compressor’s rotor with an electric motor, compressing and delivering the refrigerant to the condenser and evaporator, thereby achieving cooling and heating functions. In electric vehicles, the electric air conditioning compressor is typically powered by the vehicle’s battery.

To ensure the normal operation and control of the electric motor, capacitors can store electrical energy and filter out harmonics in the circuit, playing a key role in the stable operation of the entire system.






YMIN’s hybrid solid-liquid and liquid lead-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors feature low ESR, high ripple current endurance, low leakage, compact size with high capacity, and wide frequency stability. These characteristics can enhance the stability of controllers and ensure the normal operation of power boards.

Post time: Jun-05-2024