How does an enterprise-class solid-state drive run stably? Yongming solid-liquid hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors are here to help

Enterprise-class SSD

Yongming solid-liquid hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitor

Enterprise-grade solid-state drives (SSDs) are mainly used in data centers of customers such as the Internet, cloud services, finance, and telecommunications. Enterprise-grade SSDs have faster transmission speeds, larger single disk capacity, higher service life, and higher reliability requirements.


Operational requirements of enterprise-class solid-state drives—solid-liquid hybrid capacitors play a critical role

Performance requirements: In addition to read and write bandwidth throughput and random IOPS performance, the performance and latency performance under different workloads in the steady state (also known as QoS quality of service) is a particularly important indicator.

Security requirements: Data centers and enterprise-level storage require data accuracy. No matter what the conditions are, the data written by the system and users must be read correctly and without error data during the life cycle of the SSD product.

Stability requirements: Storage is a key device for the operation of data centers and servers. Stability and reliability are important. This is a necessary key indicator.


      In order to meet the three requirements of performance, safety and stability of enterprise-class solid-state drives during operation, hybrid capacitors play the role of energy storage. When an abnormal power outage occurs, solid-liquid hybrid capacitors supply power to ICs and other devices, playing a millisecond-level role. Delayed power supply buys time for the whole machine to work and store, ensuring that the SSD can operate safely and reliably.

Selection recommendations


NGY (Polymer hybrid capacitor

Voltage(v) Capacitance(uF) Dimension (mm) Temperature(℃) Life(Hrs
35 100 5×11 -55~+105 10000
35 120 5×12 -55~+105 10000
35 820 8×30 -55~+105 10000
35 1000 10×16 -55~+105 10000

polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors have the advantages of low ESR, high allowable ripple current, high reliability, large capacity, and good characteristics.

Solid-liquid hybrid capacitors make enterprise-class SSDs more stable!

Shanghai Yongming solid-liquid hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors have the advantages of low ESR, high allowable wave current, high reliability, larger capacity, better characteristics, and support for reflow soldering horizontal mounting, which can be better when operating in enterprise-level solid-state drives. storage current, making enterprise-class solid-state drives more stable and reliable!

Post time: Nov-20-2023