High reliability and low power consumption – essential features of digital servers. YMIN’s laminated solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors fully meet the requirements.


Digitalization has become a mainstream trend in modern society, and data centers and servers play a vital role. Digital servers need to have high reliability and low power consumption to meet the requirements of processing large amounts of data quickly and accurately. With the digital transformation of enterprises and the popularization of cloud computing technology, as well as the rapid development of emerging technologies such as big data, 5G, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the demand for the server market has shown a sharp increase. The scale of the global digital server market will continue to grow in the next few years. Maintain steady growth.


When the server is working, it will generate extremely large current (a single machine can reach more than 130A). Among them, laminated solid capacitors around server CPUs and graphics cards play an important role in energy storage and filtering. The laminated polymer capacitor can fully absorb the peak voltage and avoid interference with the circuit, thereby ensuring the smooth and stable output of the server. The laminated polymer capacitor also has super strong ripple current resistance and low self-heating, ensuring The whole machine has low power consumption.




YMIN laminated polymer capacitor MPS series has ultra-low ESR value (maximum 3mΩ) and fully matches Panasonic GX series.

The laminated polymer capacitor in the IDC server

YMIN laminated polymer capacitors have super durability and reliability, providing strong support for the rapid development of the digital server industry


Post time: Jun-19-2024