From the perspective of the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, the application prospect of DC support capacitors

According to statistics, sales of new energy vehicles rose from 13,000 units in 2012 to 3.521 million units in 2021 and 4.567 million units as of September 2022. The main function of an on-board charger (OBC) is to convert an AC voltage input to a DC voltage output to suit the current and voltage levels of the battery pack.

In new energy vehicle applications, capacitor is a key component in energy control, power management, power inverter, and DC AC conversion. The reliability life of the capacitor also determines the life of the OBC charger. At present, three types of capacitors are mainly used in new energy vehicle OBC - DC filtering, DC support capacitance, and 1GBT absorption, and aluminum electrolytic capacitors are essential components in these applications.

From the perspective of the rapid growth of new energy vehicles1
From the perspective of the rapid growth of new energy vehicles2

With the update and iteration of on-board OBC technology, the driving platform in the 800V battery system has been upgraded to 1000v or 1200V; The high-voltage platform architecture is the basis for fast charging of new energy vehicles, and at the same time, this puts forward extremely high requirements for aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have always been tough in the industry such as high technical threshold and low capacity density in the field of ultra-high voltage.

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Post time: Dec-12-2022