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Battery Management System (BMS) Market Background
With the continuous advancement of battery technology, the energy density of batteries continues to increase and the charging speed continues to accelerate, which provides a better technical foundation for the development of BMS. At the same time, with the continuous development of new technologies such as intelligent connected cars and the Internet of Things, the application fields of BMS are also constantly expanding. Emerging markets such as energy storage systems and drones will also become important application fields of BMS. 

Battery Management System (BMS) Operation Principle
The automotive battery management system (BMS) mainly monitors and controls the battery status by monitoring and controlling parameters such as battery voltage, current, temperature, and power. BMS can extend the service life of the battery, improve battery utilization, and ensure the safe use of the battery. It can also diagnose various battery faults, such as overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, insulation failure, etc., and take corresponding protective measures in a timely manner. In addition, BMS also has a balancing function to ensure the consistency of all battery cells and improve the performance of the entire battery pack. 

Battery management system (BMS)—solid-liquid hybrid & liquid chip capacitor function
Solid-liquid hybrid and liquid chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used as filter components in BMS filter circuits to reduce noise and ripples in the battery output current. They also have a good buffering effect and can absorb instantaneous current fluctuations in the circuit. Avoid excessive impact on the entire machine circuit and ensure the stable operation of the battery.

Capacitor selection recommendations


Shanghai Yongming aluminum electrolytic capacitor solutions
Shanghai Yongming solid-liquid hybrid and liquid chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors have the advantages of low ESR, large ripple current resistance, low leakage, small size, large capacity, wide frequency stability, wide temperature stability, etc., which can reduce noise and noise in the battery output current. Ripple absorbs instantaneous current fluctuations in the circuit to ensure reliable and stable operation of the battery management system.

Post time: Jan-12-2024