“In the context of the explosive growth of the energy storage market, how YMIN liquid horn electrolytic capacitors can improve the stability and efficiency of new energy storage systems”

New energy storage market prospects

As the penetration rate of renewable energy increases, especially the demand caused by the instability of wind and solar energy, energy storage systems play an increasingly important role in balancing power grid supply and demand and smoothing volatility. In addition, the development of the electric vehicle market has significantly increased the demand for high-performance energy storage systems. According to forecasts from multiple sources, the global energy storage market will grow rapidly over the next few years. For example, by 2025, the market size of the new energy storage industry in China is expected to exceed one trillion yuan, and the global energy storage market space is also expected to exceed the trillion level.

YMIN liquid Snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitor function

liquid Snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitor——CW3 series

Large capacity, miniaturization, low ESR, high reliability

In complex power systems, capacitors, as key passive components, play a vital role in maintaining stable operation of the systerm. YMIN liquid Snap-in capacitors are better suited to the harsh working environment and requirements of new energy storage systems due to their long life, high reliability and resistance to large ripple current.

Advantages of YMIN liquid Snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors

  • Large capacity energy storage:

Liquid Snap-in-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors have high energy storage capabilities. Compared with other types of capacitors, it can store more electrical energy under the same volume or weight. It is suitable for new energy storage systems, such as the energy storage links of wind energy and solar power stations, to meet grid dispatch and smooth output power. and emergency backup power requirements.

  • Large ripple current resistance:

Liquid snap-in capacitors have strong resistance to large ripple current characteristics, which is crucial in the process of frequent charging and discharging of energy storage systems. They can effectively cope with large instantaneous current changes generated by energy storage equipment when absorbing or releasing energy, ensuring The system operates stably.

  • Long life and high reliability:

YMIN Capacitor relies on its high-quality materials and technical processes to produce liquid horn capacitors with long life characteristics, which is particularly important for energy storage systems that work continuously for a long time. It can reduce maintenance costs and improve the overall system availability.

  • Wide temperature working range:

The liquid electrolyte allows it to operate stably in a wide temperature range, which is very beneficial for outdoor applications and new energy storage equipment facing extreme climate conditions, ensuring good performance under various environmental conditions.

  • Excellent filtering effect:

In energy storage inverters and other power electronic equipment, liquid horn capacitors play a key filtering role, reducing voltage fluctuations and harmonic distortion, ensuring that the energy delivered to or obtained from the grid is of high quality and stable.

  • Quick response capability:

Liquid snap-in type capacitors have relatively low equivalent series resistance (ESR) and can complete the charge and discharge process in a short time, which helps the energy storage system quickly respond to grid instructions and enhances the dynamic performance and stability of the system.


YMIN snap-in type capacitors are used in new energy energy storage systems to improve system performance, protect key components, stabilize output quality, and determine the stability and economy of the entire energy storage system to a certain extent.

Post time: Mar-23-2024