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has launched a series of capacitor products, which are specially designed for intelligent lighting services.

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Capacitor is an important passive electronic component, which is widely used in lighting field to improve the circuit quality and ensure the normal operation of lamps. The most widely used applications of capacitors in the field of lighting are power factor correction and electromagnetic compatibility processing. In the application of lamps and lanterns, capacitors can improve the stability of lamps, prolong the service life and improve the lighting effect by correcting the power factor and eliminating the electromagnetic interference signal in the circuit.

The following is a description of the application of capacitors in the field of lighting:

1. Power factor correction: During the use of lamps, there may be a problem of low power factor in the circuit of lamps, which will affect the service life and lighting effect of lamps. For this, power factor correction using capacitors is required. Utilize the characteristics of capacitors to convert reactive power into active power, improve the power factor of lamps, and reduce energy loss at the same time. Capacitor correction of power factor is a key step to improve the power utilization of lamps and ensure better lighting effect and stability of lamps.

2. Electromagnetic compatibility treatment: There may be electromagnetic interference signals in the circuit of the lamp, which will affect the service life and lighting effect of the lamp. For this reason, capacitors need to be used for EMC processing. Capacitors can absorb and eliminate electromagnetic waves in the circuit to ensure the stability and service life of the lamps.

3. Brightness control: Capacitors are also widely used in brightness control of lamps. In the circuit of the lamp, the capacitor can control the brightness of the lamp by adjusting the voltage and current in the lamp. Using the characteristics of capacitors, the current flow and voltage in the circuit can be changed to control the increase and decrease of brightness.

4. Filter: Capacitors can also be used as filters in lamp circuits and play an important role. Using the characteristics of capacitors, the clutter signals and interference signals in the circuit can be removed to ensure the lighting effect and stability of the lamps. In the application of lamp circuit, the capacitor is an important part of the filter and plays a key role in ensuring the stable operation of the circuit.

In general, capacitors play an important role in the field of lighting and are the key components to ensure the normal operation of lamps. Capacitors are mainly used in main application scenarios such as power factor correction, electromagnetic compatibility processing, brightness control and filters. With the continuous advancement of lighting technology, the application of capacitors will be further expanded, bringing more innovation and technological progress to the lighting industry.

High-power switching power supply for lighting has the advantages of light weight, large capacity, high efficiency, and small size, but the switching power supply will generate large spikes and ripples during operation. If the power supply capacitor cannot provide strong support for the power module , it will be impossible to avoid spikes and ripples, resulting in damage.In order to solve this problem, YMIN has launched a variety of capacitors with high voltage and high stability and ultra-low temperature and high stability, which can improve the impact on the life of the power supply caused by the peak interference and large ripple of the switching power supply during operation.